Who We Are?

At Precast and Gardening Depot,  we pride ourselves on attention to detail by satisfying our customer’s requests on their commercial and residential needs. Over 90% of our items are handmade by Precast and Gardening Depot, allowing us to present beautiful and uniques items for every style. Our attention to detail extends past our inventory  is found within our customer service as well.

Precast and Gardening Depot offers specialty home and garden decor, reproduction furniture and accessories, indoor and outdoor statuary, and upon request custom made products for your home. We also offer a vast selection of  one-of-a-kind home and garden accents, decorative furnishings, sculptures, furniture, statues and wall art. 

At Precast and Gardening Depot, you will be surrounded by an astonishing collection of decors.

We have over 3,000 products made just for you.

«More than Stones, Bring Life to your home.»

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